Spartina Follows Fashion Trends
Spartina designers follow fashion trends and incorporate the latest colors and styles into each season’s collections. With Spartina, you are always in style.

Spartina’s Design Professionals Are Women Just Like You
Spartina’s designers are women who actually have Spartina handbags and accessories in their own wardrobes. Knowing first-hand how today’s women live, they pay special attention to pockets, straps, clasps, comfort, durability and details.





Spartina’s Pattern Names are Inspired by Daufuskie Island, SC, listed on the National Historic Registry
Intriguing pattern names such as Calibogue, Oakley Hall, Maggie’s Spirit, Gracie, and others are inspired by the history and natural beauty of Daufuskie Island, located off the coast of South Carolina. This bridgeless island is accessible only by passenger ferry or private boat and was the source of inspiration for Spartina’s founders, Kay Stanley and Curt Seymour. The company name, Spartina449, was inspired by the Spartina cordgrass that grows in the saltwater marshes and along the coast; 449 the local address. Spartina donates a portion of its proceeds to the Daufuskie Island Historical Foundation.

MermaidThe Spartina Mermaid Is a Symbol of Spartina 449’s Captivating Colors, Enchanting Designs, and Irresistible Style
The Spartina Mermaid was inspired by Daufuskie Island folklore dating back to the 1700s. The stories include legendary tales of sailors who, after a night of indulging in island spirits, laid down to rest on sandy beaches. Gazing out into the moonlit ocean, they were convinced they saw mermaids swimming nearby. More than likely, the creatures they spotted were local dolphins, but the mermaid legend is irresistible, and to this day, some say these ‘matrons of enchantment’ continue to swim in the waters off Daufuskie, luring fishermen with their mesmerizing songs. You can find The Spartina Mermaid incorporated into every Spartina product either as the logo charm, as a separate charm, or on the inside pocket.


The Difference is Linen
The luxurious linen fabric that graces every Spartina 449 handbag begins in the lush fields of Holland and France. Here the luminous, blue-flowering flax plant is nurtured until it is ready to be harvested. Then, following the rich tradition of ancient Egyptians who used flax for the production of linen over 30,000 years ago, today’s skilled artisans spin the flax into specially-commissioned intricate weaves of linen that are Spartina 449’s signature. As the raw flax is processed, it is blended into a heavy-weight, natural linen fabric that has added strength, quality, and beauty.

More durable than cotton, which is commonly used for handbags, the exterior linen on Spartina’s handbags is additionally protected with a water and stain resistant coating. Combine that with the fact that Spartina 449 uses only eco-friendly, water-based inks in its designs, and the result is a faithfully crafted and luxurious line of stylish linen handbags and accessories that will spoil you for anything else.

You Can Spot Spartina
Fashion with flair, unique and memorable designs, sophisticated style that is fun…these are a few of the descriptions people use to describe Spartina. And Spartina is not just popular on the coast. With a customer base that covers every part of the United States, and with retailers now in Australia, wherever you go, you can spot Spartina. Just look for captivating colors, enchanting designs, and irresistible style! That’s Spartina!

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